Batteries Tradex Tygra

Introducing the TYGRA High-Performance Automotive Battery by TRADEX FRANCE Powering the Future of Mobility

We are delighted to unveil our latest breakthrough in automotive technology – the TYGRA high-performance battery, meticulously engineered to elevate the driving experience.

Manufactured to Exceed OE Quality Standards

Crafted with precision, our automotive battery surpasses original equipment (OE) quality standards and specifications. This meticulous engineering guarantees unmatched reliability, performance, and longevity for your vehicle.

Start-Stop Compatibility

Tailored exclusively for vehicles equipped with Start-Stop systems, our battery seamlessly integrates regenerative braking technology to capture and harness energy. This intelligent design ensures substantial fuel savings and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, promoting a greener and more sustainable future.


Unmatched Cycle Life

Prepare for exceptional endurance with our battery! With a cycle life five times superior to conventional batteries, it delivers unrivaled durability and longevity. You can rely on our battery to consistently provide power and performance, even in the most demanding driving conditions.


Reliability in Extreme Climates

Our battery fearlessly withstands the harshest climates. Boasting the highest Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA) available, it guarantees reliable engine starts, even in extremely cold weather conditions. Rest assured, all vehicle features remain fully operational, providing peace of mind and hassle-free driving.


Safety Meets Innovation

Incorporating AGM VRLA technology (Valve Regulated), our battery ensures the highest level of safety. This advanced technology prevents acid leaks and guarantees maintenance-free operation, making it both reliable and convenient.


Environmentally Friendly & Recyclable

We take great pride in our commitment to the environment. Our battery is an eco-conscious choice, with 99% recyclability, contributing to a greener future. By selecting our product, you not only embrace advanced automotive technology but also champion sustainability.


Extended Shelf Life

Built to endure, our battery boasts an extended shelf life. You can confidently stock up on spare batteries, knowing they will maintain exceptional performance when needed.