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Automotive professionals

We team up with the professionals of the automotive industry, and support their growth. In both aftermarket and new cars retailing, our client’s trust is our best reward.

Our values are at the heart of our activities, daily:

  • Service
  • Team spirit
  • Flexibility and responsiveness

Discover our new vehicles

Our different cars dedicated to the Export markets.

We want to offer the best quality at the best conditions to our clients everywhere in the world.

Discover our Aftermarket’s ranges

We have a wide range of products and spare parts of the highest quality, with a stock that increases every month.

Discover our products

Designed specifically to meet our customers expectations, the Tradex range is developed under very demanding specifications. We aim at providing the best quality for the best price.

Our partners

We collaborate with the biggest brands since our creation. We want to offer the best quality at the best conditions to our clients everywhere in the world.

Welcome to Tradex France Motors!

The Tradex France Motors Group quickly became one of the main actors in the automotive aftermarket in many countries.

Our secret: a fast and personalized customer service, at the best price, for the best products. It’s around those three pillars that we built what became theTradex France Motors Group.

Tradex France Motors Group is above all a family trait. We have automated our processes and our customers and logistics systems, but above all, we have built a service and teams to ensure continuous service alongside our customers, because in our business it is the people who make the difference.

It is because we care about our customers that our partners follow and support us in our projects, and you will also find pleasure in working with us.

We wish you a pleasant visit on our site for further information.

Our customers are at the heart of our concerns and we make it a point of honor to satisfy them.

Anouar-Salim Douadi, founder and CEO.
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