APC FIAMM powerCUBE batteries


The new range of FIAMM powerCUBE and energyCUBE batteries for commercial vehicles, agricultural and earthmoving machinery, developed to complete a line of batteries specially designed for the specific requirements of these vehicles, is now more complete and oriented towards this specific application (vehicle/use) , to cover all current vehicles.

– Low maintenance lead-acid battery, which does not require top-up, but with caps that allow it to be done in case of necessity –
Flat cover with internal labyrinth, gas recondensation chambers, caps with special O-ring to prevent any leakage, centralized two-pipe venting with double flame arrestor block
– Innovative double plate blocking system in the cell which provides high resistance to vibrations and complies with the most demanding standards of the automotive industry
– Great starting power
– Excellent charge acceptance threshold
– Excellent endurance to charge-discharge cycles
– Good resistance to intense discharges
– Excellent resistance to vibrations



MF liquid lead and hybrid technology



Commercial vehicles